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Priest on American Ninja Warrior

Fr Stephen Gadberry has always kept in good shape. Being a priest in the diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas hasn’t stopped him. Recently, he competed in American Ninja Warrior with his performance airing May 30 evening. If you haven’t seen it, American Ninja Warrior is an extreme obstacle course that requires a combination of strength, speed, and flexibility.

"I’m sure you’ve heard the saying to “preach the Gospel always and use words when necessary.” Well, you could also derive from that the call to “preach the Gospel always and use social media and modern communication when necessary.”

I try to stay active and fit.  Daily exercise is part of my routine, along with prayer, Mass, and ministry.  I follow the CrossFit exercise regimen and continued to follow that methodology leading up to the competition.  That being said, I programmed more grip-taxing workouts and more gymnastics movements.  Sean Bryan also helped me in preparing for ninja specific moves." [Read the whole interview].



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