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Meeting Information Needs: Amazon's Alexa and The Church of England

"Religion exists to answer the questions and supply the needs that couldn’t possibly be bought with money. But Amazon's Alexa is a piece of consumer technology. It exists to make it easy to buy things, listening patiently for you to express a certain kind of wish. What Amazon gets out of this deal is obvious: reliable information about which of its customers are seriously interested in the Church of England;" [Read More].



Conservative Commencement Address 

"Harvard professor Danielle Allen's commence address at Pomona College was among the best at this year's graduations,...

A Sea of iPhones in Churches - Is It A Good Thing?

Episcopal Bishop Michael Curry delivered at the royal wedding a few weeks ago drew notice around the world for its...

All Over The World Young People Tend To Be Less Religious

"Recent surveys have found that younger adults are far less likely than older generations to identify with a...