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Lectionary of Children's Books for August 12.

Lectionary Links (NL): AUGUST 12 for 12th Sunday after Pentecost Year 4: Preaching Text: Ruth 4:1-22 Tops & Bottoms by Janet Stevens (Written for ages 4-8) Comment: When Boaz meets with the unnamed relative at the city gate, the man is excited at the prospect of purchasing Elimelech’s land. [Read more].

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Are There Guns in Your Church

Connie Peterson is an accountant whose work requires a calculator, not a weapon. But she doesn’t go anywhere without...

6/10 Religiously Unaffiliated Americans are Athiest, Agnostic or “Nothing in Particular”

"A growing share of Americans are religiously unaffiliated. We recently asked a representative sample of more...

Art and Music Helping To Survive The Worst

“How do we survive when the worst happens? What are the mechanisms?” For Joe Carter, one answer was in spirituals —...


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