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Incomes Around the World

What’s your monthly income? What kind of house do you live in? You may think you know where you fall on the grand global scale of wealth – but an online, open-source gallery of 30,000 intimate photos of families in their homes across the world may change that view of yourself.
Anna Rosling Rönnlund is a former Google UX designer and a co-founder of Gapminder, a Swedish non-profit eductation organisation. Last year, she created a tool called Dollar Street – an online collection of photos that places more than 300 families from 50 countries on a figurative “street”. Lower income families are placed at one end, wealthier families are at the other.
The goal? To give readers a sense of how other people from other cultures live, beyond how their countries are typically represented in news media images – as well as a sense as how you fit into the spectrum of wealth.




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