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Harrowing Story of Kidnapping and Forgiveness: A House In The Sky

In 2008, Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped by a group of Somali teenagers and held captive for over 460 days. She was tortured, starved and abused repeatedly before finally being released for a ransom. Lindhout says she did more than just survive the ordeal, she was transformed by it. “Physically I was in chains on the floor, and I had no power, no control over that, but I still had the power to choose my response to what was happening to me, to hold on to my own morals and my own values,” Lindhout explains. “I knew somehow at the deepest part of my being that if I chose forgiveness, that experience just would not have the power to crush me.” Lindhout is the author of a memoir about her ordeal, A House in the Sky, written with Sara Corbett. Her story is told in a recent episode of Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, an affiliate of this website.



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