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Faith and Fear, Justice in Uganda, and a Korean View of Shalom From Fuller

The interesting thing about fear, as we all know from our own experiential point of view, is that there’s no one in the world who knows a fear-free life. Everyone understands fear. We actually need fear. It’s a good gift that we’ve been given, but it’s a complicating gift with many dimensions that we’re going to spend some time tonight exploring. Fear is ubiquitous—for every person of every culture, race, and gender, it is going to be part of our experience.
I think the affirmation of the Christian faith, and the interesting thing about the witness of the Bible, is that the God that is borne witness to in Scripture is a God who endlessly takes fear with great seriousness. Surely one of the most important refrains over and over again in the Bible is simply acknowledgement of fear as a human experience, but also an admonition on God’s part—“Do not fear”—not because it isn’t often justified, but because God wants to contextualize it.




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