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Courage Born Out of Vulnerability

Brené Brown often asks a simple question to people in her research: Think of the last time you did something you thought was really brave or the last time you saw someone do something really brave. In the thousands of responses she’s collected, she says:

“I cannot find a single example of courage, moral courage, spiritual courage, leadership courage, relational courage…that was not born completely of vulnerability.”

Listening to this week’s show, I’m struck by the many ways Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach embody the vulnerability and courage that Brené Brown talks about. Abby, a retired soccer player and Olympic gold medalist, speaks about how courage has guided her through her career and her life. And Glennon is a writer and philanthropist who has written with vulnerability and candor about her struggles with alcoholism and bulimia. Through her website, Momastery, she’s built a philanthropic movement and an online community.

For both, hope is found in the smallest of steps. As Glennon says:

"[I feel] brokenhearted a lot of the time, but when I just do something, there’s something else that happens. It’s not despair. It’s a little bit of hope. It’s that idea of, we cannot keep the fact that we can’t do everything to keep us from doing something. You do that little thing, and then you feel more awake and alive and connected.”

Or, as Krista writes, “Hope is brokenhearted on the way to becoming wholehearted.” And, as Brené Brown says, “Hope is a function of struggle.”



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