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The Core of the American Self-image and the Reality

Where do we go when we realize we aren’t who we want to be? This question stayed with me after listening to this week’s show, featuring journalist Anand Giridharadas. His work examines America’s relationship to wealth and the moral compromises that come from our obsession with it. Especially when it comes to ideas of equality, Giridharadas says, “there’s a chasm between the core of the American self-image and the reality of who we are.”

Giridharadas is not the first to point out the dissonance between America’s potential and its reality. Again and again, we’ve called each other to be accountable to our hope, asking ourselves, as Vincent Harding does: Is America possible? It’s a sentiment expressed. [Read more].

Anand Giridharadas ANAND GIRIDHARADAS is a journalist and writer. He is a former columnist and foreign correspondent for The New York Times and a visiting scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University.



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