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Auburn Seeks Support for LGBT Anti-Discrimination Stance

Auburn Seminary's president is seeking signatures on a petition urging President Obama to sign an executive order guaranteeing the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Religious organizations are lobbying for an exemption from laws protecting LGBT employees from discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The Rev. Katharine R. Henderson, president of Auburn Seminary, is seeking support for her equal rights stance after a letter she wrote was published in the New York Times July 12, 2014. The letter was Henderson's response to the July 9 Times article, "Faith Groups Seek Exclusion From Bias Rule," which explained the recent lobbying efforts to allow federally funded religious organizations to fire lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

"My faith compels me to stand, like thousands of religious leaders around the country, for a world where all God’s people should be afforded equal protection under the law," she wrote. "A different set of laws that enshrine discrimination should not be allowed for organizations that receive grants from our tax dollars. Would we tolerate the same exemption for racial discrimination?" Henderson refers supporters to a Groundswell petition calling on President Obama to issue an executive order protecting L.G.B.T. people from religious discrimination.



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