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Building Interfaith Bonds

New seminary-based programs challenge Jews, Christians and Muslims to go beyond polite interfaith conversations to deal with prejudices and fears.


Practical Resources for Sociologists

This web page on the website of the Hartford Institute for Religion Research offers links to articles offering tips on a variety of subjects including presentation skills, interacting with the... read more >


A Guide to Recent Literature in the Sociology of Religion

Here is a partial and idiosyncratic guide to recent (2001) publications in the sociology of religion spanning a broad range of topics. This extensive list was gathered for the 2001... read more >


Research on Religion Resources

This web page, provided by the Hartford Institute for Religion Research, offers links to websites for people doing research on religion, organized into these five topical categories: research institutes, centers,... read more >


The Seven Deadly Sins and Spiritual Formation

In a 24-minute audio interview, author Rebecca Konyndyk DeYoung discusses the origin of the notion of the seven deadly sins in the desert monastic communities, and its development in the... read more >


Resources for Worship Teams

The article, Designing Worship Together: Advice That Really Works, published by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, offers suggestions for worship teams working in the Reformed tradition and has extensive... read more >


Caring for the Health of Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit

Christian leaders are charged with representing the way of Christ to their congregants and the wider community. That requires caring for their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health in... read more >


Custom Training and Learning Programs for Leaders of Christian Organizations

Duke Divinity School’s Leadership Education program designs and develops customized training programs for denominational offices, congregational leaders, and others, to assess needs and facilitate learning experiences that strengthen individuals, organizations... read more >


Training for Young Christian Leaders

The future of Christian institutions and vibrant communities depends on developing the talents and skill of emerging and young leaders. A set of links to leadership development programs for clergy... read more >


Training for Christian Leaders

Whether you are a young Christian leader looking to improve your ability to guide a thriving community, or a more seasoned leader of a judicatory, Christian educational institution or church-related... read more >




Meeting Information Needs: Amazon's Alexa and The Church of England

"Religion exists to answer the questions and supply the needs that couldn’t possibly be bought with money. But...

Serving its Community Transformed a Dwindling Church

"Trinity’s building is surrounded by the bleaker symbols of urban life, including graffiti-covered billboards, a...

Caring for Creation

"Whether it is Wendell Berry, Michael Polan, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Pope Francis, Prince Charles, Mondragon or...

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