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Insights into Religion Understanding our Similiarities and Differences

Through studying the religious and spiritual practices of other religions we can learn how to grow our own communities, how to live in peace with our neighbors and learn more about our own traditions spiritual practices.


Discussing Sermon Texts: New Breathing Spaces

Describe a successful classroom teaching tactic that could be replicated by other instructors. Discussing Sermon Texts: New Breathing Spaces Susan K. Hedahl, Gettysburg Lutheran Seminary The context: Homiletics courses using the... read more >

Share Your Ideas with Journalists

Share Your Ideas with Journalists

The IARJ is committed to being a true global effort where journalists can learn from one another in a forum of mutual respect and understanding. Please contribute your ideas for the newsletter, from story suggestions to letting colleagues know what is going on in your part of the world. Just Share Your Ideas at [email protected]

$1 Milion to lPortland Seminary, in partnership with the George Fox University College of Christian Studies

Lilly Endowment awards more than $20M to help pastors


Forum For Theological Exploration (FTE) Sermon Resources

Forum For Theological Exploration: The FTE website is for future church leaders, those who teach them and the congregations and communities who call them. FTE is an ecumenical nonprofit advocate for excellence and diversity in pastoral ministry and theological scholarship. It supports the next generation of leaders among pastors, educators and scholars, providing fellowships and a network of support for gifted young people from all denominations and racial/ethnic backgrounds.
"Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you. Before you tell your life what truths and values you have decided to live up to, let your life tell you what truths you embody, what values you represent." - Parker J. Palmer
   The Forum For Theological Exploration (FTE) Guide to Theological Education  The Forum For Theological Exploration's (FTE) mission is to culticate diverse young adults to be faithful, wise, and courageous leaders for the church and academy. “Theological education is a journey of the heart, soul, mind and strength into the life of God and the healing of the world.”As you read The FTE Guide to Theological Education, our hope is that you will find the information in the following pages helpful as you discern your next steps in pursuing a graduate theological degree toward preparing for ministry. 
   7 Insights on Leadership the World Needs Now  We know that communities everywhere need inspired leaders to shape a hopeful future. But can we actually create the conditions in which faithful, wise and courageous leaders will thrive? We believe the answer is “yes.” And doing God’s work in the world depends on it. Over 18 months in seven cities with 200 conversation partners, FTE explored three questions: What are the leadership questions you wrestle with in your context? What kinds of leaders does the world need from the church today? What attributes must these leaders have to make a difference in the world? The conversation continues. So does action. What do these seven insights inspire you to do? We invite you to share your ideas in the comment box. Together, let’s name seven steps to foster faithful leadership that the world needs now.
   Equipping Vocational Discovery FTE strives to equip the next generation of leaders who are inspired to do God’s work in the world through his or her own church or academic community. With support, diverse young people can enliven their vocational pursuit, becoming intellectually and spiritually whole leaders. We provide resources created to meet the unique needs of those who are seeking their purpose, passion and call, and the partners who nurture them on their journey.


Sermon Resources From Faith & Leadership

   Faith & Leadership is the web magazine of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity, which strengthens the practice of Christian institutional leadership. 
   Sustainable Design at Faith & Leadership. The vibrancy of an institution depends on its sustainability over time. 
   Leadership Education at Duke Divinity 312 Blackwell St., Suite 101 Durham, NC 27701    [email protected]   919.613.5323

Sermon Resources from the Liturgical Letter

Sermon Resources from the Liturgical Letter

Sermon Resources from the Liturgical Letter 
Christ is Born! Let the heavens be glad, and let the earth rejoice (Psalm 96), for Jesus Christ redeems us from all of our sins (Titus 2:11-14). The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light (Isaiah 9:2-7). Jesus Christ is born (Luke 2:1-20)! – Thomas Oden, Ancient Christian Devotional

Alban at Duke Divinity School's Top Five Stories of 2017





Holy Week Inspiration

In a few weeks, Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week and Easter, commemorating the final days of Jesus...

Encouraging Youth Away From Marijuana

   The legislative wars over marijuana are mostly trending in favor of those who support legalization. More...

Leadership La Porte County Hosts its 2nd Annual “Volunteer Expo” on April 19

Leadership La Porte County, Inc. was formed in 1984, with support from the Lilly Foundation, to encourage engaged...

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