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A Fresh Look at Clergy Salaries in the 21st Century

Most Protestant churches determine a pastor's salary by analyzing the marketplace. According to recent research, however, current ministry pay scales are too low to allow clergy to live comfortably, and... read more >


What Lay People Want in Pastors

In this paper, researcher Adair T. Lummis draws upon interviews with lay leaders and judicatory executives to outline the pastoral qualities sought by lay search committees. Lummis explores the problems... read more >


The Ministry and the Message: Christian Leaders in Contemporary Visual and Print Media

Drawing upon fictional portrayals of ministers, priests and nuns, researcher Joyce Smith found that most times, fictional clergy tend to be background characters. But in contrast, after 9/11, she found... read more >


Assessing the Clergy Supply in the 21st Century

About 90 percent of American congregations have 100 or fewer members and tend to be rural and poor, and many clergy cannot afford to work for those churches — at... read more >


Strengthening Hispanic Ministries across Denominations

Churches that seek to minister to Latinos often have limited financial or human resources. To address these problems, an interdenominational group of Hispanic clergy met at Duke University to set... read more >


Factors Shaping Clergy Careers in Protestant Denominations

Ministry is a unique profession. Unlike lawyers and doctors, the ministry field has many low pay, low-status positions and only a few opportunities for senior pastor roles at the top.... read more >


Asian American Religious Leadership Today

Protestant Asian American churches are drifting toward denominational autonomy and evangelicalism. Catholic Asian Americans are better integrated into the Roman Catholic Church but still experience an overall sense of being... read more >


Search all Louisville Institute’s Grant-Related Publications

Since 1990 the Louisville Institute has funded projects by scholars, academics and practicing clergy that enrich the religious life of American Christians and encourage the revitalization of their institutions. Summaries... read more >


Explore Studies on Christian Faith, Life, Leadership and Institutions

Between 1991 and 2009 the Louisville Institute’s Summer Stipend program offered grants to academics and pastors to engage in summer research projects related to Christian faith and life, pastoral leadership,... read more >


Explore Studies on Contemporary Pastoral Leadership

Between 2007 and 2009, the Pastoral Leadership Grant Program of the Louisville Institute supported research and reflection by pastors and academics on the conditions of contemporary Christian ministry, the nature... read more >





Holy Week Inspiration

In a few weeks, Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week and Easter, commemorating the final days of Jesus...

Encouraging Youth Away From Marijuana

   The legislative wars over marijuana are mostly trending in favor of those who support legalization. More...

Leadership La Porte County Hosts its 2nd Annual “Volunteer Expo” on April 19

Leadership La Porte County, Inc. was formed in 1984, with support from the Lilly Foundation, to encourage engaged...

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