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The Relationship Between Congregations and Middle Judicatories Part 1

The relationship between a congregation and its regional body is almost always problematic, but the specific problem is hard to predict. In this paper, researcher Loren Mead introduces eight key... read more >


Conversation-Starting Questions about National Clergy Study Findings

The Pulpit & Pew Project surveyed over 2,500 clergy across the nation in 2001 in an effort to provide a comprehensive profile of America’s religious leaders that could be meaningfully... read more >


Context, Culture and Clergy Satisfaction

The authors of this study posit two types of church communities: expressive local, and instrumental cosmopolitan. Expressive local congregations are defined as places where the well-being that comes from living... read more >


Women's Path Into Ministry

Drawing upon six research studies conducted between 1982 and 1998, author Edward Lehman Jr. sketches the broad outlines of a woman's career path into ministry, from seminary through ordination and... read more >


Strengthening Hispanic Ministries across Denominations

Churches that seek to minister to Latinos often have limited financial or human resources. To address these problems, an interdenominational group of Hispanic clergy met at Duke University to set... read more >


Factors Shaping Clergy Careers in Protestant Denominations

Ministry is a unique profession. Unlike lawyers and doctors, the ministry field has many low pay, low-status positions and only a few opportunities for senior pastor roles at the top.... read more >


Congregational Growth

Key factors affect congregational growth. Get the facts on what to encourage and what to avoid, as identified by the Cooperative Congregational Studies Partnership through major national surveys conducted in... read more >


Key Study Findings about Churches of Christ

The Churches of Christ in America participated in the Faith Communities Today (FACT) 2000 interfaith survey of 14,300 American faith communities from 41 different denominations and faith groups. In addition... read more >


FACT 2005 Common Questionnaire

Here is the complete common questionnaire used by the 41 faith communities and denominations that participated in the Faith Communities Today (FACT) 2005 study. These core questions provided an interfaith... read more >


Explore Summaries of Studies in Christian Faith and Life

Between 1996 and 2009, the Louisville Institute supported research projects by academics and pastors that attempted to bring the resources of the Christian faith into a closer relationship with the... read more >





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