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Southern Focus Poll, Non-South Survey, 1993

U.S. Southerners tend to fall through the cracks between state surveys, and state surveys are unreliable for generalizing to the region. National surveys, on the other hand, usually contain too... read more >


Catholicism in Cuba: A Push for Freedom

Although 60 percent to 70 percent of Cubans identify as Catholics, Communist Cuba’s discouragement of religious faith and practice has helped create a climate in which only 5 percent go... read more >


Identify and Research Faith Communities

The Association of Religion Data Archives, a repository for quality research data, has a helpful page for students, scholars and others who want to identify the faith communities in a... read more >


How to Get Good Sociological Data on Religion from the Internet

Social scientists have long known that the Internet hosts a significant amount of religion-oriented information. With the maturation of information-mining strategies, it is now possible to use Internet-derived data to... read more >


Prospects for Christians in the Holy Land

The 2,000-year-old Christian community in the Holy Land is declining at a rapid rate, raising the question of whether Christianity can survive in the land where it was founded. The... read more >


Latest Census Of U.S. Congregations

Latest Census Of U.S. Congregations Lilly Foundation Funding Grants Insights Into Religion News U.S. Map of Religion

A decennial research project released May 1, 2012 shows Mormons, Muslims and nondenominational Christians are on the rise; however, it also indicates that less than 50 percent of Americans are claimed by a congregation.


Demographics in U.S. Congregations Survey, 2005-06

Thirty-six congregations in three cities across the United States (Grand Rapids, Mich.; Hartford, Conn.; and Waco, Texas) were selected, on the basis of the demographics reported by the pastor or... read more >


The Impact of Unrest on Syrian Interfaith Religious Life

For the last 30 years, Catholic priest Paolo Dall’Oglio has lived in a Syrian Christian settlement dating to the sixth century and has engaged in interfaith dialogue with the dominant... read more >


American dreamers: Keeping economic faith amid the recession

The American Dream lives on in the hearts of many of the nation's most devout believers despite the prolonged recession and continued high unemployment. More than half of Americans who... read more >

Best Resources

Best Resources for Demographic Research

Whether you're looking for information about the makeup of individual church members, the differences and similarities among denominations, the characteristics of U.S. congregational trends or how regions of the U.S. or across the globe are different and similar in religious belief, the websites referenced on Insights Into Religion point to resources anchored in high-quality demographic research.





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