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Friendship: Christian Discipleship as a Living Practice

Christians are called into relationship: Our friendships imitate the friendliness of God toward humanity and creation. To befriend others and the world is to be a friend of Jesus and... read more >


Drawing 20-somethings to the church

A lot of churches focus ministry on the traditional, nuclear family and operate out of the assumption that singleness is a short-term, temporary phase. However, many young adults – variously... read more >


HIV/AIDS, Women and the African American Church

Women are the backbone of the African American church, community and family, and 66 percent of all women living with HIV in the U.S. are black. Some 87 percent of... read more >


Healthy Eating in the African-American Community

According to the U.S. Office of Minority Health, African-Americans are suffering from poor food choices and quality at a high rate. In part, that’s because many of them do not... read more >


The Homeless Epidemic in Black America: How to Help

The homeless rate in major metropolitan cities is increasing while funds to provide resources for the homeless are decreasing. A 2011 survey of 25 cities conducted by the U.S. Conference... read more >


Motivating Congregations to Give

Research indicates that there are three primary predictors of high levels of individual giving to Christian congregations: the person’s income, church involvement and beliefs. Families with high incomes are more... read more >


Faith and the Economy: What's the Connection?

The relationship between social behavior and the general economy has been a topic of academic debate for many years and subject to considerable research, from which no cause-and-effect consensus has... read more >


Trade and Geography in the Economic Origins of Islam

Many economists have linked religious affiliation and religiosity to differences in economic performance across countries. A working paper archived on the site of the Association of Religion Data Archives, a... read more >


Religion Perspectives on Immigration Reform

For evangelical, Catholic and mainline Protestant faith communities that work with immigrant populations immigration reform is a matter of doing what they believe is morally right. They are urging national... read more >


Religion News Surveys on Hot Button Topics, 2010

The 2010 Religion News Survey, conducted by Public Religion Research Institute, explored the intersection of religion and politics around several hot-button topics. The original survey instruments and codebook are available... read more >





Discover Curated Resources for Preachers

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Incomes Around the World

  What’s your monthly income? What kind of house do you live in? You may think you know where you fall on the...

FULLER dialogues on Race and Identity

“We are joined at the site of the dirt. And the dirt is our kin. From dust and to dust we will return. We are of the...

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