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2017 Student Personnel Administrators' Conference

2017 Student Personnel Administrators' Conference

Dates & Time: 
Mar 21, 2017 to Mar 23, 2017

By registration. The Student Personnel Administrators'  Conference provides a collegial network for support and information sharing for recruitment officers, admissions directors, financial aid officers, registrars, deans of students, housing staff, and career services staff. Practical how-to workshops, complemented by broader presentations common to those who work with students, will be the focus. This year's theme is Resourcing Students in Theological Education: Strategies, Challenges, and Best Practices.

Houston, TX

Deadline for Religion Newswriters Contest

Deadline for Religion Newswriters Contest

Dates & Time: 
Sep 07, 2017

Deadline to register for the 2017 Religion Newswriters contest is February 3. The Religion Newswriters Association hosts this and other annual contests to showcase religion reporting excellence in the news media, with more than $10,000 in prizes. Information on award guidelines, eligibility and entry fees is available on the RNA website. Entrants need not be RNA members, but joining RNA can save up to $75 on entry fees and simplify the entry process.


Studying Clergy Yields Insight Into Beliefs, Habits

What do active clergy believe, how are they involved in politics, and what do they do in their communities? In an effort to provide an authoritative answer to those questions,... read more >


Study of Mysticism in Chinese Buddhist Monks and Nuns

The social science exploration of mysticism has included an effort to determine whether there exists a mystical common core across religions. Previous studies have identified experiential commonalities across a range... read more >


2011 Survey Codebook: Climate Change, Evolution, and Support for Political Candidates

The Public Religion Research Institute conducts surveys of the American public at the intersection of religion and politics. In September, PRRI released and archived on the Association of Religion Data... read more >


2011 Survey Codebooks: American Religious, Economic and Political Views During the Primaries

The Public Religion Research Institute conducts surveys of the American public at the intersection of religion and politics. Three late-2011 survey database, archived on the Association of Religion Data Archives,... read more >


Explore the Role of God in Natural Disasters

In the aftermath of major tragedies, it is not unusual for even the most faithful to ask, "Where is God? Why is this happening to us? How could God allow... read more >


U.S. Congregations report major gains in accepting gays and lesbians, racial, ethnic diversity

U.S. Congregations Report Major Gains In Accepting Gays And Lesbians, Racial, Ethnic Diversity  Lilly Foundation Funding Grants Insights into Religion News

America’s pews are becoming dramatically more welcoming to gays and lesbians and increasingly reflective of the nation’s racial and ethnic diversity, according to the latest results from a major study of U.S. congregations.


Examining Faith and Change in Detroit Over Time

The devastation that has become Detroit raises a number of questions about how politics, social structures and culture combine to produce economic destruction. What might be the role of religion... read more >


Intentional Spiritual Communities for the Emerging Elderly

By 2027, 78 million Americans will reach retirement age. Gerontologists are raising questions about how the U.S. will be able to effectively and qualitatively meet the medical, emotional, social and... read more >





Discover Curated Resources for Preachers

  PreachingandWorship.org aims to provide easy access to excellent online resources for preparing sermons and...

Incomes Around the World

  What’s your monthly income? What kind of house do you live in? You may think you know where you fall on the...

FULLER dialogues on Race and Identity

“We are joined at the site of the dirt. And the dirt is our kin. From dust and to dust we will return. We are of the...

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