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The Impact of an Evangelical Worldview on Parenting and Family Life

Parents devoted to the evangelical Protestant worldview and lifestyle are more likely to discipline their children by spanking, more likely to affirm their children through hugs and words of praise,... read more >


Congregational Responses to Changing Family Structures

Do changes in the way families are structured affect our church or religious institution? The Religion and Family Project examined congregational attitudes toward family changes and made some interesting discoveries.... read more >


When It Comes To Polls, Read The Fine Print

When It Comes To Polls, Read The Fine Print Polling Report Survey Lilly Foundation Funding Grants Insights into Religion News

Even lay people can, and should, ask tough questions about polls to see if their claims match their findings. And when it comes to poll data we should all be informed consumers.


The Religion and Family Project

This project recognizes the changes in the American experience of family since the 1950s, and seeks to clarify how congregations have changed their thinking about, and practice of, family life... read more >


Fostering Multiracial Congregations

The prevalence of single-race churches is largely the result of affinity group recruitment. That is, existing members tend to appeal to, and tend to be appealing to, people of the... read more >


Elements of a Successful Multiracial Church

Results of the first large-scale study on racial and ethnic diversity within Christian houses of worship reveal that Catholic churches are more likely to be racially integrated than Protestant churches.... read more >


Religion and Urban Culture

Perhaps surprisingly, clergy ranked at the bottom of those who have influence in Indianapolis communities although nearly 50 percent of respondents thought clergy should have significant influence. That’s according to... read more >


Gay Evangelicals: Negotiating a Religious Identity

This case study examines how some conservative evangelical Christians come to terms with their gay orientation. Through a process of socialization facilitated by the gay-affirming evangelical group, Good News, they... read more >


The Ministry and the Message: Christian Leaders in Contemporary Visual and Print Media

Drawing upon fictional portrayals of ministers, priests and nuns, researcher Joyce Smith found that most times, fictional clergy tend to be background characters. But in contrast, after 9/11, she found... read more >


Strengthening Hispanic Ministries across Denominations

Churches that seek to minister to Latinos often have limited financial or human resources. To address these problems, an interdenominational group of Hispanic clergy met at Duke University to set... read more >





Discover Curated Resources for Preachers

  PreachingandWorship.org aims to provide easy access to excellent online resources for preparing sermons and...

Incomes Around the World

  What’s your monthly income? What kind of house do you live in? You may think you know where you fall on the...

FULLER dialogues on Race and Identity

“We are joined at the site of the dirt. And the dirt is our kin. From dust and to dust we will return. We are of the...

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