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Arlington Memorial for Jewish Rabbis Approved

Correcting a historical oversight, Congress recently approved the establishment of a war memorial at Arlington Cemetery for Jewish rabbis killed on the battlefield. Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly interviewed advocates for... read more >


Medical Cost-Benefit Ethics

New medical treatments are being developed that work with the body’s own systems to fight dreaded diseases like cancer. The high cost of these treatments plays into the current national... read more >


Libya and the Moral Language of War

Contrary to the notion that U.S. military action must be predicated on American strategic interests, President Barack Obama has said that the United States’ only motive for intervening in the... read more >


Houston Area Survey, 1982-2010

Since the early 1980s, Houston has found itself squarely in the midst of a demographic revolution and subject to the new economic, educational and environmental challenges that have redefined the... read more >


Sub-Saharan Africa Religion Survey, 2010

In sharp contrast with Europe and the United States, very few people in sub-Saharan African nations are religiously unaffiliated, and the vast majority of sub-Saharan Africans are deeply committed to... read more >


Develop a Stronger Understanding of Religion Research

The Association of Religion Data Archives collects high-quality research data from more than 500 sources, catalogs it and develops tools to help researchers, teachers, religious leaders and the general public... read more >


Your Work Matters, Worship Service & Sermon Helps

Need something to stimulate new ideas about weekly Christian worship design, sermons and hymnody or discover new approaches to special-occasion and seasonal worship events? An extensive database of sermon outlines... read more >


Web fills the void of shrinking religion coverage in print media

Newspapers are a bit thinner than they used to be, but a simple Google search shows that there’s no shortage of religion news online. However, choosing credible websites is a new challenge.


American National Election Studies, 2008

The ANES 2008 study is the 28th in a series of biennial election studies undertaken to provide survey data on questions about vote choice, turnout and related matters. The 2008... read more >


World Values Survey, 2005

The World Values Survey is a worldwide investigation of sociocultural and political change carried out in more than 80 societies by a team of international social scientists. Five waves have... read more >





Presbyterian Seminary is pleased to share W. Sibley Towner's Prayers that Sing & Stir the Heart

Study of the Torah   O God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — for generations now, our ancestors in the faith have...

ARDA GlobalPlus: Religion and Nationalistic Politics in India

One of the most important test cases of religious and political nationalism is unfolding in India, where a political...

Anglican Archbishop’s Lenten prayer book Written by a Catholic Priest

For those that have followed the close collaboration and friendship between Pope Francis and Archbishop of Canterbury...

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