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Key Resources for Young African American Church Leaders

The African American Lectionary website features a “Young Ministers’ Corner” for clergy and Christian educators under 30. Content includes articles about the intersection of theology and U.S. socio-political issues; reflections... read more >


Transformation Requires a Renewed Body

Staci Haines, faculty member at the Strozzi Institute, says “we got it all wrong about the body.” She maintains the body is “the central place of transformation.” Neuroscience tells us... read more >


The Power of Mission Focus

When a college dropout told Deborah Bial that he would have stayed in college if he had his posse with him, inspiration hit. Bial initiated a program aimed at identifying... read more >


Friends Help Friends, God Moves Hearts

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Jocelyn Sideco traveled to New Orleans to help a friend help a friend. She had no intention of settling in the city, but God... read more >


Finding Congregational Relevance: One Church's Story

Tiny Church of Our Savior (Episcopal) faced a grim future in 2003, when congregants asked themselves a life-changing question: If the church closed, would it be missed? The answer: No.... read more >


Great Omissions from the Great Commission

In a stirring and challenging sermon, Brian Stanley, professor of world Christianity at the University of Edinburgh, identifies several essential themes in the Great Commission of the Gospel of Matthew... read more >


The New Monasticism: Prison Ministry and Intentional Community

“We’d like people to be retrained and learn that wisdom comes in all sorts of amazing formats,” says prison chaplain Sarah Jobe. “I think we have a certain idea of... read more >


Survey of Religious Human Rights Organizations

Data from a 2011 survey of nongovernmental religious human rights organizations provides insight into the geographic and program distribution of religion-based human rights initiatives, along with evangelistic practices and consultative... read more >


Acts of Faith: Interfaith Leadership in a Time of Global Religious Crisis

Eboo Patel, founder and president of Interfaith Youth Core, discusses the interfaith landscape in the United States after 9/11, stresses the promise and genius of America located in its ability... read more >


The Contraception Controversy: Church, State and Birth Control

The public is sharply divided on the January 2012 contraception coverage mandate issued by Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, according to a February 2012 Pew Research Center survey.... read more >





Holy Week Inspiration

In a few weeks, Christians around the world celebrate Holy Week and Easter, commemorating the final days of Jesus...

Encouraging Youth Away From Marijuana

   The legislative wars over marijuana are mostly trending in favor of those who support legalization. More...

Leadership La Porte County Hosts its 2nd Annual “Volunteer Expo” on April 19

Leadership La Porte County, Inc. was formed in 1984, with support from the Lilly Foundation, to encourage engaged...

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