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Digital Resources for Church Communication

Like all leaders, church leaders have access to the web, perhaps the most powerful communication tool yet developed. However, good use by churches of electronic communication tools requires appropriate theological... read more >


Mainline Protestantism and the Challenge of Disruptive Innovation

The term "disruptive innovation" refers to the process of replacing existing products, policies or cultures with emerging technology or new systems of thought. However, innovation can be difficult for any... read more >


Belgian Nun Promotes Cooperative Action By India's Domestic Workers

The message of the Gospel is "set my people free," says Sister Jeanne Devos who, in 1980, started a rights-based movement for domestic workers in India. Millions of Indians, particularly women,... read more >


Reaching Your Community Online

In his 2015 book, "The Digital Cathedral: Networked Ministry in a Wireless World," Keith Anderson notes that the church of the future will be less an institution and more a... read more >


Heaven is a Home - An ON Scripture Feature

by Eric D. Barreto (John 14:1-14) Heaven Is A Home, An ON Scripture Feature. A reflection by Eric D. Barreto with a focus on John 14:1-14 (May 18, 2014) On Scripture Video.


How to Love Like a Mother, An ON Scripture Feature

by Rev. Anne Sutherland Howard (John 10:1-10)  How To Love Like A Mother, An ON Scripture Feature. A reflection by Rev. Anne Sutherland Howard with a focus on John 10:1-10 (May 11, 2014) On Scripture Video


Go Ahead and Die Already

by Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder (Luke 24:13-35)  Go Ahead And Die Already, An ON Scripture Feature. A reflection by Stephanie Buckhanon Crowder with a focus on Luke 24:13-35 (May 04, 2014) On Scripture Video.


2017 Northern Spark Festival

Details on the 2017 event are [here]. As part of the 2014 Northern Spark Festival in Minneapolis, On Being Live / Krista Tippett Public Productions presents "Honoring Tagore - Ragamala’s Sacred... read more >


The Diversity Of Your Faith Community

How can you learn about your community's diverse faith communities and expressions? In New York City, a project called "A Journey Through NYC Religions" simply interviews members of the Big Apple's... read more >





Explorer of the Universe, Stephen Hawkings Dies

  "Unlike me, Prof. Hawking did his best to stare into the far reaches of the universe. If anyone could have...

Philanthropy That Thinks Deeply About Rural Community

Based in Indianapolis, the Lilly Endowment is perhaps best known for its grants to strengthen pastoral leaders and...

Grappling with Questions of Belonging, Unity, and Faith

Years ago, against the advice of colleagues, Amanda Parrish Morgan taught Marilynne Robinson's debut novel,...

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