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Best Resources for Using Technology Resources in Congregations

How to Use Technology in the Congregation

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

The Calvin Institute promotes the study of Christian worship and the renewal of worship in faith communities. The Calvin Institute provides a number of articles that address the broad range of technology used to facilitate worship, from increasing accessibility for persons with disabilities to digital storytelling to insights on how to find harmony between science and faith.

Faith & Leadership

Faith & Leadership is the online magazine of the Leadership Education program at Duke Divinity School. Its purpose is to strengthen the practice of Christian leadership by offering multimedia articles with transformative leaders, theological reflections, in-depth explorations of issues and topics, and reading lists. Through its companion blog, Call & Response, the program addresses current news and ideas and provides topical commentary from pastors and others. Articles and blog entries address the wide range of uses for technology in congregational and denominational life, including: a conversation with Tafadzwa Mudambanuki, director of Central Conference Communications for United Methodist Communications, on the uses of technology to foster community and communication in East Africa; a report on what the National Congregations Study revealed about the ways congregations embrace or don’t embrace technology; and how some congregations are effectively using technology to develop social capital and appeal to a larger audience.

The Indianapolis Center for Congregations

The Indianapolis Center for Congregations helps strengthen Indiana congregations through consulting services, resource development and deployment, and educational events. Lessons learned by working with Indiana congregations are shared with congregations across the country, in part through the center’s website. The center archives dozens of articles addressing the practical application and use of technology in local congregations, and features articles and interviews by its staff about trends in technology, and creating and managing religious websites

U.S. Congregational Life Survey

The USCLS is the largest and most representative profile of worshippers and their congregations ever conducted in the United States. The first survey took place in 2001, followed by a 2008-09 update. The results reflect contemporary life in congregations and point to those aspects of congregational life that are changing and those that are constant. Articles based on the U.S. Congregational Life Survey address how pastors and congregations use Internet technology and the relationship between technology use and congregational vitality.

Resources Based in Technology

Practicing Our Faith and Way to Live

These websites both serve two functions. First, they offer multimedia resources to support faith formation programs in congregations. Second, they are examples of ways to use technology to advance the mission of faith communities. Practicing our Faith targets adults with perspective and resources to support the practice of 12 traditional Christian habits that, when embodied, help form a more responsive Christian life and walk. Way to Live challenges teenagers to engage 18 practices that lead to Christian character formation. Both sites, the books that accompany them and the underlying research are programs of the Valparaiso Project on the Education and Formation of People in Faith. Use them in your ministry program as Adult or Youth study programs, and use them as models for ways to harness technology to advance a program or ministry that originates in your congregation.

The African American Lectionary

The African American Lectionary provides resources to highlight the African American ecclesial tradition and moments that express the joys and challenges of being both African American and Christian, in the context of the liturgical calendar and the key historical moments remembered by most members of the African American community. Included on the site is a growing selection of multimedia resources that highlight key moments in black history.



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