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Best Resources on Stewardship and Finance

Time, Talent and Treasure: Guidance for Stewardship and Volunteers

Faith & Leadership seeks to strengthen the practice of Christian leadership through video interviews with transformative leaders, theological reflections, in-depth articles and stories, and reading lists. Thinking about and effectively leading in matters of money is one of the key abilities that define transformative leadership and vibrant congregations. For that reason, Faith & Leadership has devoted a section of its website to the discussion of church-based financial practices, and offers commentary on its blog, Call & Response, that deals with faith, money and stewardship.

The Center for Congregations’ mission is to help strengthen Indiana congregations through targeted consultations, resources and educational events. The center has developed a breadth and depth of practical knowledge and research-based theory that can be useful for congregations across the country to learn from others’ cumulative experience and ongoing front-line work. Special reports include studies of church generosity and stewardship, and stragegic planning.

Resources for American Christianity is a growing archive of select articles and resources produced by projects that have been supported by the Lilly Endowment for the study of religion. Material includes commentary, study results, interviews and information about church finances, giving and stewardship, wealth and work.

Practicing Our Faith is a book and website dedicated to helping people of faith rediscover 12 time-honored Christian disciplines whose practice can speak to the spiritual hunger of contemporary American people. One of those practices is “household economics,” which addresses the question of how we enhance the well-being — the livelihood — of our households. It includes perspectives on handling finances and places financial management in the larger context of both the nuclear and the world family.

The African American Lectionary project offers resources that shed new light and offer fresh perspectives on significant liturgical moments in the life of most African American Christians. Because site material is keyed to the Common Lectionary’s three-year cycle, the best way to identify archived material addressing stewardship and finance is to type “money” into the site’s search window.

Stewardship and Financial Guidance

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship promotes the study of Christian worship and the renewal of worship in faith communities, including good stewardship of the facilities, time, energy, church giving, and financial resources.

Krista Tippett’s National Public Radio program, On Being, provides a venue for one-on-one conversations with intriguing personalities on topics related to the intersection of theology and human experience. Groups of those interviews have dwelled on themes of stewardship and finance, offering a variety of thoughtful and cross-faith perspectives. 

The Public Television program Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly offers news coverage and analysis of national and international events in religion. News stories and interviews frequently touch on the themes of stewardship and finance. You may find whole or parts of programs helpful in rethinking, framing or illustrating conversations, sermons and study group programs on these topics.

Religion Newswriters Association, an association for journalists who cover religion, offers resource guides, inspiration, and backgrounders on refreshers on relevant topics at ReligionLink.

The threefold mission of Faith Communities Today (FACT) is to gather research-based information that can help congregational leaders improve their ministries, to provide a public profile of the local congregation and to suggest ways leaders and members can strengthen and enhance their mission. One result of the extensive FACT research is a booklet on stewardship and financial management, called “Insights Into: Financial Giving.” The booklet may be downloaded free of charge or ordered in bulk for a small fee, and includes discussion questions and suggested resources. Additional resources discuss the financial health of congregations today, a breakdown of the study's findings on church finance, and insight into congregational stewardship, services and outreach,

The Hartford Institute for Religion Research pursues policy-relevant research and seeks out and explores emerging issues. The institute offers material that sheds light on stewardship practices in the mainline Christian denominations, including in-depth discussions about how congregations help the needy and stragegies for public outreach.



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