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Best Resources on Religious Education

Religious education is a key component to developing the faith of your church members. The organizations with which we work offer a number of creative and interactive ways to discover, engage and embrace Christian education and religious practice.

Perspectives on religious education

National Public Radio’s Krista Tippett hosts On Being, a radio program that explores religion through intellectual and spiritual conversations.

The African American Lectionary offers brief video presentations on significant topics of interest to African American Christians, which can serve as conversation starters and illustrations for reflection on what it means to be Christian and African American in contemporary America. 

Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, the electronic news magazine produced by PBS, travels around the world exploring how faith, religion and ethics shape events. PBS' LearningMedia Center provides classroom-ready, digital resources including videos, games, audio clips, photos, lesson plans and more.

Help with religious education programs

Resources for American Christianity is a selective repository for information and results generated by the Lilly Endowment for religion research grants made to scholars and academic researchers. Helpful topical information for church-based educators may be found in the Faith Development section of the website.

The Association of Religion Data Archives provides research data on American and international religion from more than 900 scholarly sources. Of particular interest to those who work in religious education may be Quickstats and Quicklists. Quickstats summarizes responses from national surveys, demographic patterns and changes over time. Quicklists offers composite data on American and international religion. I addition, the Religion Timeline is an interactive timeline of the most significant events and people in the history of American religion.

The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship encourages the exploration and enhancement of Christian worship. Religious educators may find helpful resources for educational programs addressing worship on the resources page under the topic “Find or start a discussion.” A valuable complement to any adult religious education program is “Seeking God’s Face,” a downloadable PDF-formatted book (also available in print) offering a full year’s selection of daily prayers and readings.

Faith & Leadership is primarily aimed at strengthening the practice of Christian leadership through video interviews with transformative leaders, theological reflections, in-depth articles and stories and reading lists. Religious education leaders will find helpful resources on the philosophy and practice of creating and nurturing communities of learning.

Faith Communities Today is the public face of a consortium of U.S. faith communities that has developed and implemented a series of interfaith studies of religious practice in the U.S. 

Practicing Our Faith speaks to the spiritual hunger of contemporary Americans by re-presenting 12 traditional Christian practices which, when engaged, help to build spiritual continuity and integrity. A parallel program and book for adolesents, Way to Live, challenges youth to live out 18 behaviors that strengthen their spiritual lives and values.

Religion Newswriters Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the work of reporters who cover religion. It includes a Religion Stylebook and Religion Headlines, archived news articles on religion from around the world, and other religion topics that may be of use to youth or adult religious educators.




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