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Memorial Day Sermon Resources

"You don’t need sociological surveys on the Nones to give you a picture of religion in America; the fact is (and maybe always has been) many of us are more moved by the love of those who lay their lives down for their countrymen than we are moved by Christ who lays his life down not for his neighbors and nation but for the ungodly.

War, as Stanley Hauerwas acknowledges, is beautiful in the noble and heroic virtues it can call out of us and therein lies the danger for Christians for it presents a powerful counter-liturgy to the eucharistic liturgy." [Read More].

Memorial Day Veterans Patriots  Solidiers Insights into Relition Lilly Foundation Grants

Stand By Me: Memorial Day & The Healing Of Souls - An ON Scripture Feature  John 14:15-21, A Reflection By Mary Hinkle Shore

If you have to reassure someone that you’re not abandoning them, it may be because they feel you slipping away. In John 14, Jesus is responding to the anxiety of those he loves. “I will not leave you orphaned,” he says, but it is not clear how he will keep that promise. In a few hours, his arrest, trial, crucifixion and death will all have been accomplished. It will feel as if he has, in fact, abandoned them, or been torn away from them.  [Read More].

From Suffering To Hope - An On Scripture Feature  Romans 5:1-5 Reflection by Henry G. Brinton

Memorial Day is a day to remember. A solemn holiday, it reminds us of the men and women who have died serving our country. Wreath-laying ceremonies and concerts fill the weekend, along with the placing of 250,000 American flags on the graves of Arlington National Cemetery. [Read More].

Living With The Moral Burdens Of War

U.S. troops returning from Iraq experience “moral wounding,” according to Georgetown University professor Nancy Sherman. Moral wounding, expressed sometimes as unprofessional or questionable behavior toward enemy combatants, is caused by the “roller coaster” of integrating fighting and nation-building, then having a sense of being pulled out too early for the effort to be successful. Also contributing are a range of emotional experiences such as feeling isolated back home, facing the breakup of families during deployment and suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. In a 4½-minute video news report conducted by Bob Abernethy and Kim Lawton for the PBS show Religion & Ethics NewsWeekly, Sherman introduces the issues, feelings and needs of returning war vets and offers some ideas on how to extend hospitality. [Read More].

Ministering To Veterans

There is an increasing need for faith communities to partner in the readjustment process of soldiers returning home, as many as 30 percent of whom may struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship offers material to help faith communities become more veteran-friendly, including a series of worship, congregational, and denomination resources, along with prayers and psalms for those struggling with PTSD, suggestions for pastors, and additional information about PTSD. Here's how churches can help heal wounds of war and offer practical support to military people and their families. [Read More].

Sacrificing Our Sons And Daughters - An ON Scripture Feature  Genesis 22: 1-14, A Reflection By Cari Jackson

"Take your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains that I shall show you." (Genesis 22:1 NRSV) Was God really directing Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac? Why? [Read More].




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