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Louisville Institute:Sermon Resources

Sermon Resources from The Louisville Institute: The Louisville Institute's mission is to facilitate the five grant programs to support pastoral leaders and academics for the good of the church.  
Interview:  Adam Ployd ..Trinity, and the Church: A Reading of the Anti-Donatist Sermons. LI asked Adam to share his perspective on teaching… 
Published Work
Reclaiming the Wesleyan/Holiness Heritage of Women Clergy: Sermons, A Case Study and Resources Published 1999 by Randal Huber and John E Stanley. Grant funded by the Christian Faith & Life Teaching Team (Discontinued)
Women and the Bible in Late Medieval and Early Modern English Sermons Volume 94 (2014), pp 297-315 by Beth Allison Barr, Published: 2014. Funding Grant Type: Sabbatical Grant for Researchers  
She hungered right so after God's word: Female Piety and the Legacy of the Pastoral Program in the Late Medieval English Sermons of Bodleian Library MS Greaves 54 by Beth Allison Barr, Published: 2014. Funding grant  Sabbatical Grant for Researchers 
"Of Knowledge, Buildings and Trees" …in: Earth And Word: Classic Sermons on Saving the Planet, ed. David Rhoads. by Laurel D. Kearns, Published: 2007. Funding grant: Religious Institutions (Discontinued) 
Awards: There are a number of Award requests for research into sermons like:
Sermons on the Protestant Hour …I propose to do a content analysis of the sermons given on the Protestant Hour to investigate the following questions… from Kieth M. Wulff.
Protestant Hour Sermons …I would like to request a grant to complete the database of Protestant Hour Sermons that I began with a… from Kieth M. Wulff.
Woodshedding a Sermon: Creative Process and Improvisation in Homily Preparation …serve to enhance the pastor’s preparation and delivery of sermons? First, my program of study includes research focused upon…John P. Moulder
Listening to the Hispanic Sermon Listener …with the goal of discovering how this audience “hears” a sermon, so that preachers can learn to craft sermons that… from Danny Roman-Gloro
The Sound of the Genuine: Howard Thurman's Sermon Series …civil rights social activism. This project focuses on Thurman’s sermon series, which were a crucial part of his oeuvre…from Walter Earl Fluker.
Pillars of Fire: Two Centuries of African American Sermons …research project, “Pillars of Fire: Two Centuries of African American Sermons”, suggests black preaching and sermonic traditions have been a… from Quinton H. Dixie
The American Jeremiad in Twentieth Century Protestant Preaching …This dissertation studies sermons of the preaching ministers of The Riverside Church of New York City over the period 1930…by Marianne O. Rhebergen.
The Transformative Word …Language is the primary means of communication I employ as a parish pastor. Weekly I write prayers, preach sermons, engage…by Anita R. Warner 
Homiletically Engaging Hip Hop Lyricism as Theological Conversation Partner to Evangelize Younger Generations of Potential Christians …Using Acts 17:16-34, the Apostle Paul’s sermon to the Areopagus in Athens, as a biblical precedent for…from Michael W. Waters. 
Laying Harnds: Boundary Violations in Church …When I was ordained to the Ministry, my Senior Pastor and new boss, Reverend Zane Bolinger, delivered the sermon and… from Ruth H Everhart 
The Visual in Worship: Integrating Nicea II (787) and Saddleback (2006) …It is becoming more common for pastors to use portions of movies to enhance sermon points, Sunday School teachers and…from David R. Kimberly  
Preaching in Times of Congregational Transition …and importance that each of these participants plays in a sermon varies in every preaching event. The goal of this… Craig A. Satterlee. https://louisville-institute.org/awards/general-grant-discontinued/3001
Toward an Intercultural Improvisatory Homiletic: The Preaching of Gardner C. Taylor …order to discern the ways that improvisation functions in his sermons. The hypothesis I will test is as follows: in…from Jared Alcantara. 
Educating Religious Leaders for the "New Normal" …members in the aftermath of a hurricane or tailoring a sermon for the Sunday after a mass shooting, they are… from Shelly L Rambo  
Theology for Lectionary Preachers …a more immediate pay-off in terms of help in sermon preparation rather than systematic theology. The current revision of…from William C. Placher 




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