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Fuller Studios Communal Sermons & Scripture Study


    Fuller Studios Communal Sermons & Scripture Study 

    A selection of Sermons, Audio and Videos from Fuller Studios.


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- Fuller Sermons offers spiritual reflections on topics at the heart of the seminary’s mission from professors, students, and preachers throughout Fuller’s extended community. [Listen Now]

- The Wisdom of God | Eric Sarwar, PhD student, preaches on the role of wisdom in a life of faith and the intersections of music and ministry in Pakistan. [Listen Now]

- Naked in the Frequency: Christianity’s Post-Racial Blues | J. Kameron Carter explores a new language to discuss the complexities of whiteness, theology, and post-racial politics. [Listen Now].

- Navigating the Mess of Ministry | Cameron Lee, professor of marriage and family studies, preaches on church politics and how the Corinthian church can help ministers navigate congregations today. [Listen Now].

- The Legacy of Black Faith, Hope, and Love | Clifton Clarke, associate dean of the Pannell Center for African American Church Studies, reflects on Simon of Cyrene through the lens of the African American experience. [Listen Now].

- I Have Called You By Name | Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Seminary, explores the "endless forms of misnaming people" and a God who calls us by name. [Listen Now].

- The Challenge of Obedience | Jean Burch, senior pastor at Community Bible Church in Pasadena, preaches on life challenges that threaten faith and Christ walking to meet us on the water. [Listen Now].

- Where Did Jesus Call Home? | Leah Fortson (PhD '16) reflects on Christ’s wandering ministry in the gospels, the temptation of comfort, and the mountains we might be called to climb. [Listen Now].

- The Liberating Incarnation | Michael McBride ... Michael McBride, pastor and national director for Urban Strategies at the PICO National Network, preaches on the social implications of believing in the incarnated Christ. [Listen Now].

- The Mother of Persistent Faith | Inés Velasquez McBryde ... Inés Velasquez McBryde, MDiv student, preaches a bilingual sermon on the Canaanite woman and a faith that can heal our sociopolitical wounds. [Listen Now].

- A God Who Holds Our Fears | Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Seminary, preaches on our distorted perception of reality, personal and communal fear, and a God who responds to our fears with redemption. [Listen Now].

- The Enlivening Fear of the Lord | Mark Labberton, president of Fuller Seminary, preaches on reframing theological education in light of the fear of the Lord. [Listen Now].

- Parables and Strange Patience | Mike Pasquarello, Lloyd John Ogilvie Professor of Preaching, preaches on Matthew 13, reflecting on the way parables help shape our vision of the kingdom and God’s patient hope for the world. [Listen Now].

- Ethnicity and the Incarnation | Kevin Doi, adjunct professor of Asian American ministry and founding pastor of Epic Church, preaches on Jesus' example of navigating ethnicity in culture, ministry, and family. [Listen Now].

- Injustice and the Prayer of Psalm 31 | Jennifer Hernandez (MA '17) reflects on Psalm 31, preaching on intimacy with God in the midst of suffering, deportations, and injustice. [Listen Now].

- The Scandalous Grace of the Gospel | Esther Kim (MDiv ’16), reflects on the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32, preaching on the lavish grace of the father. [Listen Now].

Story Table: Faith and Fear:  Community leaders gather around the Story Table at Fourth Presbyterian Church in Chicago to share personal stories about what faith looks like in a culture of fear. [Listen Now].


Fuller Studio Scripture. [More]. 


Voices on Scripture ...Voices across the Fuller community reflect on the power of Scripture “to reshape how we comprehend our lives” [More]


Conversing With Fuller

Bill Hwang on the Communal Reading of Scripture ... Bill Hwang, Fuller trustee and founder of Archegos Capital Management, reflects on his work and his vision for listening to scripture in community [More].


Theology With Fuller

Grassroots Exegesis: Women’s Ownership of the Scriptures in Bolivia ...Befriending Bolivian women changed the way Old Testament professor Kyong-Jin Lee understood Scripture.

Cultivating the Practice of Reading Scripture ... Joel B. Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, shares practices to cultivate a vigorous engagement with scripture by Joel B. Green.

The Hermeneutics of Incarnational Evangelism: Reading the Gospel with Peruvians.

The Contextual Nature of Biblical Interpretation: An Ethiopian Case ... Keon-Sang An, associate professor of Bible and mission, draws on his missionary experiences in Ethiopia to reflect on the cultural and communal context of hermeneutics by Keon-Sang An.

Fuller, the Bible, and Women ... Dr. Thompson and Dean Joel Green consider the biblical foundations for women in ministry by Marianne Meye Thompson, Joel B. Green.

Kingdom and Kenosis: The Mind of Christ in Paul’s Ethics ... Paul’s version of WWJD seems to be, “what is the mind of Christ?” by Hak Joon Lee.

The “Mind of Christ” in the Gospels ... How do disciples of the 21st century discern the “mind of Christ” and respond faithfully to his call to follow him? by Marianne Meye Thompson.

Have This Mind Among You ... Amid a globally tumultuous moment of history, what matters is whether our love mirrors the One we claim to follow by Mark Labberton.

What Are Human Beings? Perspectives from Science and Scripture ... The criteria by which we measure success or encourage happiness or contemplate health care decisions—all rest on our sense of what it means to be human by Joel B. Green.

Expecting to Know the Mind of God through Preaching the Bible ... Pannell calls for preaching that brings audiences to meet God by William E. Pannell.

Two Peoples Separated by a Common Revelation ... Just because we Christians mentally inhabit the stories of the Hebrew Scriptures, doesn’t make those tales ours alone.

Pietism: Reborn in Order to Renew ... John Weborg discusses the principles of Pietism in historical context, including reforms seeking to balance grace, fear, and God’s internal work.

Passing the Peace: A Pneumatology of Shalom ... Patrick Oden, visiting professor of systematic theology and church history, reflects on Fuller’s history, peace, and the Holy Spirit. [More].

Shalom As Wholeness: Embracing the Broad Biblical Message ... Leslie Allen, senior professor of Old Testament, looks to scripture and his storied academic career to reflect on the meaning of shalom. [More]..






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