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Christmas Sermon Resources

Christmas Sermon Resources from Religion & Ethics Newsweekly

Christmas Music Tells the Story Dec 2015. We look at how music—carols, hymns, and popular songs—embody the meaning of the Christmas story and play a central role [Read more].


Christmas Gift Giving | Dec 2013 Amidst the holiday shopping frenzy, more and more churches are urging “ alternative” Christmas giving. “Christmas is about Jesus' birth [Read more].


Christmas Traditions | Dec 2003 Many of the best known Christmas traditions were actually adapted from pagan practices and given new Christian meanings. [Read more].


St. Olaf Christmas Festival and Choir | Dec 2013 The elite St. Olaf Choir is considered a pioneer in America's a capella choral tradition, and for one hundred years, this small Lutheran college [Read more].

Christmas Pageants | Dec 2011 From generation to generation, adults and children have reenacted the story of the birth of Jesus to convey the message of Christmas. [Read more].


Blue Christmas | Dec 2009 After all, it's the “most wonderful time of the year,” as that old Christmas song puts it, with everyone telling you “be of good cheer.” [Read more].


The Poetry of Christmas | Dec 2005 by David E. Anderson. Christmas, more than any other holiday in the Christian calendar, seems to spark the poetic impulse [Read more].


Salt Lake City Refugee Resettlement Dec 2016  Many refugees find a new home in conservative Utah; Carols, hymns, and popular songs eloquently convey this dark season's hopes and fears [Read more].



Full Episode: Nelson Mandela, Pundits and the Pope, Christmas Gift Dec 2013 The legacy of Nelson Mandela; the pope's document urging Catholics to do more for the poor; churches and alternative Christmas gift-giving [Read more].

Handel’s ‘Messiah’ Is More Than A Christmas Oratorio

According to music historian Calvin Stapert, Handel’s great oratorio is both the result of a series of remarkable and unlikely events, and the most effective evangelism tool of Christianity, second only to the Bible in its reach. In a question-and-answer article conducted for Faith & Leadership, an online offering of Leadership Education at Duke Divinity School, Stapert explores the religious and cultural influences that led Handel to create the oratorio, and the impact "Messiah" has had on Christianity and world culture. [Read more].


On Being Christmas Sermon Resources

Bringing Christmas Back Down to Earth by Parker J Palmer. For a lot of folks I know who celebrate Christmas — not the store-bought version, but the holy day itself — this year is proving to be a challenge. How do we celebrate the Good News at a time when the news is so relentlessly bad, celebrate the light at a time of deepening darkness?



What Brings You Happiness?

At Harvard Business Review, why the pursuit of money isn't bringing you joy -- and what will. [Read more]. "If there...

Communion Wafers: The Fine Art of Faith and Breadmaking

"The Order of the Brothers of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel, or simply Carmelites, is a Roman Catholic...

Indiana Media Expands with Lily Foundation Help

WFYI Public Media and the eight other Indiana Public Broadcasting stations that make up IPB News will soon be hiring...


Thu, Feb 28, 2019 - 12:30 pm
The Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, the Calvin Prison Initiative, and the Calvin College Music Department invite you to a...

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