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Looking for more online resources to assist in your preaching? These Centers and Projects offer excellent resources and gateways into more resources to help with your own sermon method, your own sermon preparation.
This site examines how communities of faith (congregations, organizations, and institutions) and their leaders are using new media in innovative ways. The case studies, in particular, are rich with stories and interviews with pastors using technology for a variety of purposes, including preaching.
• The Academy of Preaching and Celebration opened in July of 2013 under the leadership of Frank A. Thomas.
The African American Lectionary is a resource tool that not only highlights the African-American ecclesial traditions and moments that creatively express the joy, freedom, and the challenges of being both African American and Christian (e.g., Watch Night, African Heritage Sunday, Usher's Day, and Women's Day), but also recognizes days on the liturgical calendar that are celebrated across a variety of ecclesial traditions (e.g., Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and Pentecost). By incorporating both the moments of significance across many African-American ecclesial traditions and some of the traditional moments of any lectionary cycle, The African American Online Lectionary allows users to select from a vast array of material that will exactly fit their congregation's needs and expectations.
Over 15 years’ worth of lectionary-based sermon transcripts, as well as audio sermons, video interviews, blog posts, and other resources for preachers and church leaders. We are in the process of expanding our website in order to offer the vast majority of Protestant Hour sermons from 1945 to 1995 in audio and text.
Topics include: 
Alyce M. McKenzie  Weekly column on the gospel lectionary text
Weekly blog on noticing details in daily life for preaching
"ON Scripture - The Bible"
Odyssey Networks produces this weekly online resource. Each week scholars connect the Common Lectionary texts for the coming weekend to current issues, and we produce an accompanying video. We also have just begun a similar resource for the Jewish audience, "ON Scripture – The Torah."
Peter Wallace   Posts regularly on mainline faith and expression on HuffPost Religion, Patheos, and Day1.
This site features a wide variety of resources for study and liturgy based on the three-year Revised Common Lectionary cycle. I intentionally include a diverse variety of resources for scripture study, reflection and liturgy, and purposefully do not restrict the resources to any particular theological/ideological position, including my own. The site is a work-in-progress. I spend between 40 and 60 hours each week updating links and finding more resources to link.
The African American Pulpit Magazine. The magazine is not operative, but resources and back issues are available. 
Additional Resources

Be sure to also explore the many feature articles and links on Insights Into Religion, and for more, visit our Best Resources for Worship section. 




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