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   The Center for Congregations works to strengthen Indiana congregations by hosting events and workshops and seeking out and sharing the latest resources available to congregations. While its work is based in Indiana, the Center shares its findings and educational material with congregations everywhere on its website, and through its newsletter, Centerpiece, and its blog, Centerview. 
  Resources for small membership congregations. 
What if there was a way to solve your congregation’s most pressing problem? What if an approach exists that will solve something that was intractable, unmovable, resistant to all your efforts? Would you be interested? Or would you be hesitant, possibly suspicious? There is an approach that can help you solve an arduous challenge, and the solution already exists in your community. This approach has been used in many spheres of life, including nutrition, health care and education. Yet it hasn’t been translated to spiritual life or the flourishing of congregations. This document will introduce you to the untapped approach called positive deviance. http://thecrg.org/content/files/Positive-Deviance.pdf
   Congregational Resource Guide: The Congregational Resource Guide (CRG) is an online tool designed to help congregational leaders find resources to address their individual needs. The tool allows you to search and save articles and relevant information, and create a workspace for your congregation. 
Feasting on the Word Guide to Children's Sermons, BOOK, In this practical guide, educators Carol and David Bartlett argue that the best children’s sermon is written by the one who presents it. Although ready-made options are widely available, the... [More]. 
Sermon Seeds  WEB RESOURCE This free “sermon preparation resource” features commentary on at least one of the assigned texts from the Revised Common Lectionary every week. Written primarily by pastor and theologian, Kathryn... 
Pastors Should Strive to Finish Sermons as Strongly as They Began Them. ARTICLE. “Concluding a sermon is difficult, and… I’m not the only one who has a hard time with this.” As a regular contributor to his local newspaper, pastor and columnist Joe LaGuardia writes about aspects... 
Recapturing the Voice of God: Shaping Sermons Like Scripture. BOOK. God reveals God’s self through a variety of genres in the Bible. This book by a veteran preacher discusses three: Story, Poetry, and Letters, and explains how to shape a sermon that honors each... [More]
Preaching That Matters: Reflective Practices for Transforming Sermons. BOOK. Research shows that the number one reason people attend worship is to hear the sermon. This sensitive, informative and practical book is designed to help preachers deepen their skills and impact.... [More]
Ministry Matters. WEB RESOURCE. Ministry Matters introduces itself as a site “supporting Christian ministry with resources, community, and inspiration.” It is a general purpose site containing dozens of articles and blogs, book... 
Festival of Homiletics. EVENT. This week-long annual conference aims to “engage theologically the practices of preaching and worship” in contemporary culture. The event features dozens of notable presenters and performers, such... https://thecrg.org/resources/festival-of-homiletics
Academy of Preachers Festival of Preaching EVENT The Festival of Preaching is an ecumenical event for Christian teens and young adults who discern a call to preaching. Its purpose is to inspire, encourage, and equip a new generation of biblical... 
12 Preaching Tips I Learned from Haddon Robinson ARTICLE In this distillation of wisdom and practical application, veteran pastor and homiletics student, Shriver, offers a bite-sized tutorial on expository preaching based on his long-time experience with... [More].
Preaching in Plenty and Want. BOOK. Before he was a pastor, Matthew Tennant was an officer in a brokerage firm. Thus, he is uniquely qualified to write a book on preaching about the economy. He points out that every congregational... {More]. 
Missional Preaching: Engage, Embrace, Transform. BOOK. “The goal of missional preaching is teaching as if the world matters.” When professor, Al Tizon, couldn’t find a book for his students on missional preaching, he wrote one himself. According to... [More].
Transitions: Leading Churches through Change. BOOK. How can pastors “preach congregations and individuals through change”? This collection of twenty-six essays and sermons from an ecumenical group of preachers and teachers covers the waterfront of... [More].
Working Preacher. WEB RESOURCE. Working Preacher is a website from Luther Seminary. The website is focused on preaching. Because the emphasis is on resources for the pastor who preaches in a local congregation, it is practical,... [More].
Dem Dry Bones: Preaching, Death and Hope. BOOK. Much preaching today avoids the topic of death except in funeral sermons. This book by a pastor and scholar asserts that the sermon that cannot deal with death - the “big” death all mortals face,... [More].
The Season of Creation: A Preaching Commentary. BOOK. In the face of the global climate crisis, many congregations are looking for resources to help their congregations connect more fundamentally with creation. In response to this demand, a four week... [More].
Preaching in the Inventive Age. BOOK. Worship spaces haven’t always been modeled after theaters, and congregational leaders weren’t always preachers. This book, from an Emergent Church pioneer, laments that preaching has become a... [More].
God in Her Midst: Preaching Healing to Wounded Women. BOOK. Elaine Flake presents an often ignored subject for the church and particularly for preaching: how to reach women who have been hurt because of gender and, more specifically, their race as African... [More].
The African American Lectionary. WEB RESOURCE. This website is a key online resource for clergy that follow the lectionary. It is particularly formed for an African American audience. It is a collaborative project of The African American... [More].
Liturgy Training Publications. ORGANIZATION Liturgy Training Publications promotes the liturgical formation of parishioners by providing resources that support active participation in the Sunday assembly. The publications are designed... 
Preaching God's Transforming Justice: A Lectionary Commentary Featuring 22 New Holy Days for Justice. BOOK. This three-volume set, one for each lectionary year, examines the Revised Common Lectionary through the lens of “God’s life-giving intentions for the social world.” Each reading is mined for its...[More]. 
Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism. BOOK. “As we preach, we are to serve and love the truth of God’s Word and also serve and love the people before us.” This two-fold approach, advocated by veteran preacher and urban minister, Keller,... [More].
Reverse Lectionary. WEB RESOURCE. This practical search tool allows users to find out when a particular scripture passage will appear in the three-year Revised Common Lectionary cycle. The search process is organized by biblical...  [More]. 
GoTell Communications. WEB RESOURCE. The historic practice of biblical storytelling Is enjoying a revival thanks, in part, to the decades-long ministry of pastor and master storyteller, Tom Boomershine. Through this website,.. [More].
The Ten Commandments of iPad Preaching. ARTICLE. The emergence of computer tablet technology offers an alternative to the printed text for sermon delivery. Preacher and blogger, Brandon Hilgemann, distills the lessons he has learned into... [More].
The God Problem: Expressing Faith and Being Reasonable. BOOK. Robert Wuthnow, a sociology professor at Princeton University, continues to be a reliable researcher regarding the practice of religion in the United States. The God Problem examines the tension... [More]
Preaching Funerals in the Black Church: Bringing Perspective to Pain BOOK Rev. Peter Wherry has preached many funeral sermons and led many funeral services. Here he shares his knowledge and experience so that clergy can bring “perspective to pain” by being “pastoral,...[More].
Preaching Climate Justice. ARTICLE. “On a hot and crowded planet, we can no longer talk responsibly of loving our neighbor until we fight…for a stable climate and for a just society.” In this self-described ‘general primer on climate... [More].
Panel Discussion: Why is Preaching on Stewardship so Difficult? WEB RESOURCE The topic of stewardship encompasses more than money, but this panel discussion by preachers, teachers and denominational leaders focuses on the financial aspect because it is the area preachers... [More].
Preaching in the Small Membership Church. BOOK “Worship is the most important thing small membership churches do, and preaching is the heart of worship.” So claims a veteran pastor and pastor-trainer in this wise and practical book.... [More].
10 Signals That Say "You Are Not Welcome In This Church" ARTICLE How does a congregation best say “So glad you are here; please, come again”? Here church leader and retired pastor Joe McKeever identifies ten negative messages that congregations unknowingly send... https://thecrg.org/resources/10-signals-that-say-you-are-not-welcome-in-...
Church Hospitality. WEB RESOURCE Here congregations gain access to three free, downloadable hospitality resources and one for-purchase hospitality training pack that are designed to teach congregations effective hospitality skills... [More].
Art in the Christian Tradition WEB RESOURCE For those who appreciate religious art, it’s refreshing to discover an internet resource that includes high-quality art. The Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University, in their... [More].
Jean and Alexander Heard Library. Accessed April 18, 2017. For those who appreciate religious art, it’s refreshing to discover an internet resource that includes high quality art. The Jean and Alexander Heard Library of Vanderbilt University, in their database called Art in the Christian Tradition (ACT), is such a source. This database is free to view and regularly updated with new visual images. It is designed for scholars, students, pastors, and religious educators and all of the images may be used for educational and/or religious non-profit purposes. Currently, the database includes over 4000 images. It is linked to the Revised Common Lectionary, another Vanderbilt Divinity Library internet resource, as a way to connect biblical texts with art images. Visitors to this site can search for images by keyword, Scripture reference, lectionary link or person/subject. Once the search is defined, the database will solicit a number of images to choose from. This is an easy to use resource for anyone interested in fine art from the Christian tradition.
Center for Pastoral Excellence at Christian Theological Seminary. ORGANIZATION The Center for Pastoral Excellence has a home at Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana. It hosts a variety of endeavors including: The Discipleship Project, Academy of Preaching... [More].
Deep and Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend BOOK Pastor and author Andy Stanley’s primary interest is in establishing and creating churches that the unchurched will attend and invite their friends to attend. The Christian church, says pastor and... [More].
Preaching To A Multi-Generational Assembly BOOK With a backdrop of shifting demographics, emerging generations, and the speed of technological change, Andrew Carl Wisdom offers an in-depth exploration of the challenge of preaching to multiple... [More].




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